Filming in 3D
We can help you film in 3D! Or convert Movies from 2D to 3D
Stereoscopic 3d (Live 3d) Video adds the depth, reality, admired new look at content. Choices for 3D Video (Movies Production) depends on the goal and need.
  1. 3D live Filming.
  2. Transfer 2D video to 3D (2D+ so called format).
  3. Editing the footage and add pop out effect and extra depth.

1. Life Video Stereo filming usually shot by two cameras capturing left and right channels, same as Two eyes of a human which see world in 3d.

2. Filming 3D stereo is more complicated then 2d filming, more complicated as filming itself and editing as well. But using our technologies it the price will be just a little bit higher then 2D filming. As the result you will have 2D and 3D at the same time. It much better to have 3D format because it is about 2-3 years left before world go 3D.

3. Like ones went from black and white to a color.

If you want to order 3D filming contact us and we will give you possible ways to produce your raw footage or complete film. Here is the Content Order Form Please fill it up and we will get back to you with the estimate.

Also if you want to produce yourself you can rent Camera. Cameras for Rent.

  • 1500E per day
  • 500 Euro / Operator work

Presence of the operator is a must. Renting cameras without operator is not possible.

  • Standard tern around time is 48 hours.
  • Editing 40-60 Euros per hour.
  • Conversion to 1280X720 to stereo 8 Euros per minute.
  • Conversion to 720X480 4 Euros/min.
  • 3D effects from 40 Euros per hour.

For Rush service double the price. For weekend work triple the price.

  • Conversion to Windows Media 6 Euros/min.
  • Conversion to Windows media 6 Euros/min.
  • Conversion to Anaglyph Glasses 6 Euros per minute.
  • Conversion to Philips format 10 Euros per minute.

Editing and converting stereo channels takes several days and includes capturing video, De-interlace of each channel, transferring to progressive mode, and synchronization of the channels.

Each clip, commercial, presentation, corporate video is unique and need personal individual approach and cost will be calculated personally.

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